Learn To Collect Candidates At Scale 'Like The Pros' With My HiringProcess.io Recruitment Marketing Accelerator Program...
...So You Can Stop Hustling For Candidates And START Running Profitable Recruitment Campaigns
Learn how social hiring works and how to implement it
Over 7 years of recruitment marketing experience have gone into this training. This course offers an affordable way to learn how to drive high-quality candidates to your site and keep things organized from day one.
The HiringProcess.io Accelerator has been one of the keys to...
... scaling to over 1,000 candidates per year for some of my clients.

... working with dream clients and having our work saving them tens of thousands of dollars per year.

... hiring a team and finally getting out of the very-few-candidates-per-month "hamster wheel"
Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you join the accelerator:
  • A peek “behind the curtains” at how an actual 6-figure marketing agency uses to recruitment marketing to generate more candidates for clients in small to large companies with drastically different needs.
  •  A framework for laying out your recruitment marketing campaigns so that you can guarantee a certain level of success and stop the dreaded “scope creep” when it comes to your sourcing goals. Includes funnel templates.
  •  2 hours of premium recruitment marketing lessons by Chris Defour recorded in HD that you'll have access forever. Some of these videos show complete walkthroughs of how I setup my campaigns.
  •  A system for growing your authority on LinkedIn in any recruitment niche in under 3 months (how to get 1,000 new targeted connections every 3 months on auto-pilot)
  • BONUS - Learn how to automate the process of candidate collection, pre-screening, and routing to your different departments, locations, or regions. Includes a crazy discount on recruitment automation software.
About Chris Defour
"I believe that recruitment has become a digital marketing activity for companies. The requirements of the job have changed and that means recruiters are eager to learn how acquisition works online at an even more granular level. Because of social and AI, there's no better time to be a recruiter. I made this training program to help recruiters learn solid tactics in less than 7 days, making easier to get started with digital marketing."
Managing Partner at DevBuddy
Co-founder at Ovrpass
 Head Coach at HiringProcess.op
Fast-track Your Recruitment Marketing Skills
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